Restoration & Refits

Tampa Boat Restoration Company Service Overview

At Tampa Bay Marine Customs, we’re more than just a boat repair company in Tampa, FL. We understand that your watercraft gives you the freedom and confidence to explore the vast waters and carve your own special connection with the sea and the ocean. Our mission is to restore the seaworthiness of your boat so you can experience new adventures and create new memories.

We Offer

We specialize in boat restoration, painting, detailing, and gel coating. We can work on vessels of all sizes and remedy a variety of issues to restore the original condition and appearance of your watercraft. Our work will surpass your expectations and standards for quality because we conduct our duties with diligence and precision.

What We Do

Each of our jobs starts with a conversation with our clients to determine the scale of work, budget, and time limitations. We take time to answer questions, explain our methods of work, and research unique requests. At Tampa Bay Marine Customs, we never shuffle through our obligations because we are aware of the dangers at sea and we want our clients to be safe and well-protected. Use our boat detailing service to keep your vessel pristine from bow to stern!

Tampa Boat Restorations

Our fiberglass boat repair service in the Tampa, FL area will be provided to you by our seasoned and skilled specialists. Our staff will treat your watercraft like their own and inspect every inch of it for leaks and issues that can jeopardize your sea travel. Your vessel is in good hands with us!


Tampa Bay Marine Customs